We are sisters.  A year and a half apart and now a good four and a half hour flight apart.  Lynsker has the luck of falling for a Californian man and is happily biking, hiking, climbing, running, gardening and generally enjoying the sunshine while being creative there.  Vieve, the older if not at all wiser sister, lives in a little Canadian town with her Dearest and is happily renovating(an old crumbly house), cooking , gardening, wandering and generally enjoying a little less sunshine while being creative there.  Of course, there are a few more tedious items on our plates like earning a living but being creative has always been our unified passion. We want to make a living as artists.  And let’s face it history does have proof of artists making a living off what they love to do.  We aren’t there yet.  But we are creating and we are dreaming and this is something we can do together that makes the space between us not feel so vast.


As children, we had the advantage of a speed reading Mom.  We would sit to either side of her(along with our cousin, also a very creative creature)  with our clip boards, paper and drawing implement of choice and doodle away as she read through all of Roald Dahl’s fantastic reads, Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s series, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and more and for hours.  We didn’t necessarily draw what was read to us but our imaginations were fired up and racing.

Whether painting, knitting, drawing, sewing, hand building with clay or other, we make things.  We started as kids and kept getting more excited and inspired as we’ve gown.  Being sisters, it has been invaluable to have another creative being there to egg the other on.  We’d like to share what we do.  Put it out there to be seen instead of pushing it to the back of the closet.  Done that and the closet is getting full.  These are the things we make, because we can’t help ourselves and because this is what we love to do.

Vieve and Lynsker



  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    I love your drawings and knittings. The color palettes are wonderful. You have a lovely blog. Maybe we can collaborate in the future? I am looking for guest contributors to do line drawings.

  2. I did e-mail you a week ago so if you didn’t get it let me know and I will try again. Very interested to know what you have in mind.

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