Small Skirts for my Little People

People, what you are seeing is a miracle. I actually sewed something. This is…amazing.

I grew up with a mom, and a sister (Vieve) who could sew, really well ( my sis sewed my wedding dress). I remember  excruciating visits to the fabric store in which my mom and sister romped around like kids in a candy store, and I, well, I rolled my eyes, gritted my teeth and just hoped it would be over soon. Eventually I came around to at least appreciating the fabrics, even going so far as to imagine what it could be made into, but beyond that I dared not go. For me, sewing was never in the realm of possibility; I’m not exactly sure why. I think I just knew I was too impatient and that fabric was just too malleable. It required measuring and cutting in straight lines, pinning and ironing, pulling out and…and a machine that looked impossibly complicated.

A few years ago mom bought me a sewing machine. “For you” she said, though I kind of shrugged it off, knowing most likely it would be her using it when she came to visit. But the thing, or the idea of using the thing, grew on me. I made a few exploratory “first sews”. Then I left it for a while. Somewhere between the age of twenty-something and my current thirty-six I somehow grew up, grew into patience perhaps; less rage against the machine, more zen, deep breathe and just do.

Long story short, I sewed my first piece of clothing for my girls. It is perhaps the easiest project one could take upon ones self. But I am proud. Between two toddlers rushing around me, stamping on the pedal, making me have to turn off my iron over and over in order to keep them safe, aborting my efforts, I somehow got this finished in two days. For anyone else, this is more like a two hour project.

It satisfied the need in me to do something creative.

Here are the results:


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