The Act of Gratitude

This is not so much an art project…well it could be in the hands of, say, my sister Vieve…as it is a quick craft in order to have a vessel for our daily practice of gratitude. I had to cobble it quickly together making it somewhat accessible to my little ones, who, of course, saw the messy mod podge and wanted to get right in there. I applied the gooey stuff and they got to apply the pre-cut (by me) hearts and words.

The reason for the project is simple: I need to be more aware of things I am grateful for in this life…and there is so much. I also want to instill in my kids a mechanism by which they might be able to tap into their natural spirituality and in the future have a coping mechanism for the things life will throw at them.

This is super easy supplies-wise: an empty glass jar (I picked mine up at a thrift store for a couple of bucks, but you could use a mason jar or jam jar depending on how much gratitude you want to be throwing in there!), mod podge, brushes of various size (mod podge washes off easily so long as you do it right after the project), paper of all sorts ie wrapping paper, blank paper for writing and drawing, magazine pages, etc., scissors.20170328_094233

Then go to town! Cut out interesting images, draw, let your kids scribble with colours and then cut shapes from it, or use some of their plethora of paintings from past craft days. When you think you have enough, apply a thin layer of mod podge on all sides of your clean glass jar. Apply your cut outs all over (facing outwards- this is a challenging concept for the little ones!), let them set there for a bit, then apply a thin coat of mod podge over top of it all. 20170328_100050Then set out in the sun to dry. If the mod podge pools at the bottom, just use a brush to redistribute. Et voila, in about 30 mins it will have dried clear and you are ready to add your gratitude to the jar.20170328_100929

Tip: Leaving a stack of post-its and a pen for easy access inside the jar is a great way to help you stick to this practice.

Choose a time in the day when you will stop and think about what we feel grateful for. We talk about what we want to add to the jar every morning over breakfast. In a year, we will dump them all out and see what we were grateful for all year long!




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