Felted Fruit

Ok. I have been nagging my sister to get back on this blog and share some recent work. Kind of an, I will if you will, challenge. Well, truth be told we are both in various seasons of our lives where other things take the lead in terms of where we can put our energy. That said, it hasn’t been a complete creative desert. The sad truth is that Vieve truly can’t add to this blog right now…but I can. I wanted to share these felted wonders that Vieve made for me and the girls the last time she came to visit us. This was one of her first forays into felting. Yes, you heard me right, first foray. She is amazing.

So, let me preface this with: they are a little worse for wear…as they have been played with by both a baby and a two year old. They are amazingly tough these felted fruit. Enjoy!



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