Wood Pendants

Well, the last Christmas Craft Show I did last weekend has greatly reduced my stock of hand drawn pendants…so, back to the drawing board(or kitchen chopping block which is where I drew today). I spent most of last night sanding these would disks that my husband was nice enough to cut for me. It is a fiddly business, sanding these little pieces but I love the look in the end.  Today, I did the ink drawing portion — tomorrow, I’ll add colour to the ones I want with colour. There are quite a few more steps after that but the main portion is done. If the drawing doesn’t work than the piece is fit for the wood stove.


This is a piece of the sanded wood disk(this was from a fallen branch — the next size down is a hardwood dowel and the smallest is from a broken broom handle, given new life) and my trusty Staedtler pen. I use sizes 0.3 and 0.1.


The residual fine sawdust that I don’t seem to be able to wipe off does gum up the pen faster than drawing on paper. But I can get a lot of control and, therefore, detail with the pens. I usually have two of each pen size at hand — I draw for a bit with one and as it gums up and doesn’t flow as well, I wipe it and close it up to rest while I continue with my second pen. This may sound silly but it seems to work. When I go back to the first, it seems to have appreciated the rest and works like a dream again.


The drawings are complete and I’ll leave them to totally dry for the day. Tomorrow, I will add any colour, do at least three layers of varnish and then attach the bail. I’ll take more pics and post that, too.

Hope your day was fantastic and satisfying,



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