Wood Panel Challenge Completed!

The Great Wood Panel challenge is complete(kind of)! It took us a while…but we got it done.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about (it has been a while) check out our last post here: The Great Wood Panel Challenge

Since this blog is something we created to inspire each other, the panel challenge was upping the ante in order to spur us into creativity that has been lagging of late.

So without further ado:


Lynsker’s panel:

Since I rarely have uninterrupted creative time, I decided to use the panel as a sketching surface and draw on it with pencil. I really enjoyed filling the negative space with a matte, neutral colour using acrylic paint and allowing the wood panel itself  to provide the warmth of the skin tone. This is my first time mixing paint and pencil in such a way and it was greatly satisfying as well as relatively quick. The subject matter…well, it’s what fills my days: my little kiddo. This is from a photo I had of her when she was about 5 months old. I thought her expression was hilarious. She’s way cuter than I could hope to render, but I enjoyed it none the less.

baby painting Sept 2014 003 baby painting Sept 2014 004


Vieve’s Panel:

I must admit that I am not finished with mine. Business and markets and renovations and garden and other shows and general exhaustion has got in the way. It sat there looking at me for quite some time.  I brought it with me when I had a trip to Toronto and realized I only took drawing pens along but decided just to play with what I had.   This is the result so far. I thought of using watercolour on it and then realized that if I tried to put a sealer over that it may all just bleed away…so not sure where to go next. I may just use some watery acrylic paint. But at the moment I kind of like it as is. I thought that using some water based varnish may bring out the wood grain nicely and not add any colour.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Any thoughts about our panels? Which do you vote for?( Heh, just to fire up some sibling rivalry!)


Vieve and Lynsker


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