On a Roll

Yes! Lynsker, is back with colours flying and I am so inspired by her recent work.  With Cora as inspiration, she has been producing some pretty fun and cheeky work.  I would so love to read a story book by my sister…also would love to work on one with her.  Still a little shy in the area of writing/illustrating but how much older must I get before I feel ready…not sure.  It really is motivation when I get to see what my sis is up to.  Maybe, because we always used to draw and create things together, when I see her producing work it makes me feel I can be in the same space.  I suppose that was the whole basis for this blog. Sisters with a lot of miles between each other, still being creative together.

As for myself, I am battling a little bout of the “downs”.  Not feeling too creative or motivated or particularly chipper but I have been working on stuff.  Just finished the drawing aspect of four pendants, two faery drawings for a friend, took some pics of work for my upcoming(and years coming) Etsy shop and spent a little time in the garden. Not to mention, market day is tomorrow and Saturday.

Some faery and flower drawing/paintings — archival ink pen with watercolour.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

“Gentle”                                                “Purple Lilac”                                            ” Amongst the Weeds”

My garden’s flowers and flower faeries.




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