Baby Inspired Paintings

As promised…by Vieve…I have a few (two) paintings ( roughly 18″x18″) completed enough that I can show them to you. These are inspired by my little one’s propensity for putting things in her mouth. Here in wine country they might call that “mouth feel”, usually just for wine, but I think it fits here as well.The idea is to paint at least six canvases showing different common textures as experienced by baby with her mouth.

Originally I just wanted some paintings for her future bedroom, but also, in the back of my mind, thought I would scan them or photograph them and self-publish a book for her. She’s an avid “reader” ( Grandma is a librarian and our book supplier…Little C has SO many books!) and it would be neat to have a personalized book. It also keeps me creating. So here they are:




Teddy is Soft

Teddy is Soft

The Table is Hard

The Table is Hard



  1. Very sweet creations…. it would be lovely to see you and Sharolyn collaborate with some children themed illustrated books.

    • Hi Bob! Thank you! They are actually “Lynsker’s” aka SharoLYN’s paintings. Always drawn to comic art! I agree, it would be great to collab with Vieve. She has such a whimsical gentle style. I might be intimidated by her skills though. She is killer with the watercolours which I tend to shy away from; thus the acrylics which can be painted over multiple times!

      • You’re both so amazingly talented… you greatly compliment one another… it would certainly be nice one day to see you both combine your mutual skills on some shared project 🙂

  2. Regina Tavares

    A special book for Cora sounds amazing. Also, a great gift with any baby/toddler. Go for it!

  3. I have to say, your mad skills are quite intimidating to me too…so lets forget about that crap and get creative!

  4. These are fantastic! Truly beautiful 🙂

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