Knit Kitty & Monster





So, Vieve has promised to get me back up and blogging. Truly there’s nothing I want more. The only problem is content…I honestly haven’t done much creatively since my little munchkin entered this world. She has been an inspiration, however, and I have been working, VERY SLOWLY, on a few paintings.

However, this post is not about my paintings. It’s a post I meant to make a year ago…when I first started this project while pregnant…to give you an idea, my little one is 11 months old now! The pink cat actually has sun damage on the back, it’s been sitting in a basket by the window that long!

Regardless, here they are. Finally sewed in the ends. I’m quite pleased with them. And little C was quite happy to give them a squeeze and a taste test. I think she approves.


I like to knit some details in. On this monster I knit the heart and…


…and on the back added a little bit of texture for fun.






  1. Regina Tavares

    How can you get any more creative after creating such a cutie pie Cora??????? Love them and would totally buy the green one if available!

  2. Grace Carmen

    Perfectly quirky beautiful little friends for little C! It’s amazing how you find the time to do all the things that you do!

  3. Regina Tavares

    Thought I posted message earlier but likely did not hit post key. Anyways a green one would be great and would totally pay for it. Would be perfect if Cora could deliver it personally….HeHe, very wishful thinking I know but one has to dream BIg!

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