What a Bag, Lady.

The season has started full swing — except, this year I am also a Fair Trade Organic Coffee/packager/server/marketer/general small biz brainstormer. My hubs does all the roasting in his 2kilo drum roaster and we do the farmers’ markets in four towns plus some retail and special events. Needless to say…I am a busy bee. But here is a little stuff I played with over the spring and am forwarding over the season. Lynsker, if you are wondering, is doing well with her new little baby girl. Not much creativity time beside the creativity of child rearing — abundantly creative! But a little bird has told me that she has broken out her acrylic paints, once again. Stay tuned.

In April, I was commissioned by my lovely sister in law to design and sew tablet bags for her twins. My niece and nephew are getting close to teenagers and needed something sturdy and contemporary. These were the result(hopefully they approved). There are many points of reinforcement and a thin padding to the body for protection. The strap is adjustable and detail stitching was part of the design, though they don’t show very well in these photos. Doing these inspired me to do others as purses, without the padding and with a hand drawn aspect (the one at the end, midway through the project).

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????DSC08871

That is it for now.  I’m going to see if I can convince, Lynsker, to give us a peak of her new painting.

Thanks so much! And I hope everyone has been well and is well…it has been such a long time for us.




  1. Arrgh! I love the tree and colours of that bag! Can’t wait to see the finished project. And yes, I have been painting and I will try to post soon!

  2. Regina Tavares

    Yes, waiting anxiously to see the finished project!

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