Lynsker is Coming!

I’m finally back to the land of the living. I managed to get a flu, the stomach flu(the worst I have ever had) and then a cold this winter– and an unshakable cough through it all. Over two months of near incapacitation.  For anyone living in Ontario, this winter has been a very very long one.  I even managed to enjoy some ice today, when I tried to go for a walk and found my feet flying up and landed not so gracefully in the road.  At which point I decided against the walk and went back inside to draw.  I have been back at the ol’ creating!  If all goes well, I will be at Faery Fest in Guelph, Ontario this June (more to follow on that in another post). But the most exciting thing on my mind is my sister’s arrival in April!

April 5th to be exact! And her husband! And my little baby niece! Yeahh!!!!!

Can’t wait…and yet much to do to baby proof my house.  Not sure how my little baby( Finni, the cat) will get along with my little niece. She has been known to grab at cat’s tails. I am loving having this little feline friend. She still likes to sit on my lap or curl up right behind me on my chair, while I work.

Some new pendants I’ve made:



These original ink drawings are very meditative to draw — I wasn’t sure how they’d go over because they are a little dark and possibly creepy. But I have sold quite a few and am continuing to draw them when I feel the mood.


This one is also an original ink drawing and coloured with colour pencil.  This one was recently purchased from the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op site.  My husband roasts and sells fair trade organic coffee (Engine House Coffee — I drew the train for the logo) through the co-op and had urged me to put up some of my pieces. The co-op really supports anything local and vendor made.  The order goes out next week, so I hope the person who ordered this one loves it!

All the best to every one of you!  My health is coming back and my creative energy, so this blog won’t be so silent anymore. And when my sister comes, I’ll do my best to get her creating something besides a healthy and happy life for her little one(a full time and worthy job on its’ own) and share that with you.




  1. Wowzer! 🙂 Yes, I love those!

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