Looooong Time No Creativity…of the Non-Biological Kind

This blog, it languishes. But not for lack of desire to be in the creative epicenter…just working with new mommy-hood….my greatest creation yet!! BWUAAAHHHAAHAA!!

Check her out, her name is Cora:

Cora pics samsung 085


Yeah, so in terms of making things from scratch…I really can’t out-do this…

You think I’m boasting? Yeah….well…I guess I am.

But all that to say that I also intend on getting back in there with some illustrative work and thus some content to share with you. Some to come in the near future. Thanks for hanging in there and checking out our blog.

Muchos love,





  1. Regina Tavares

    For sure the greatest and best creation not be matched at all !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pretty good excuse! I get distracted with my little feline, Finni. But Cora is definitely good inspiration for creativity! I have all these ideas for things I want to make her but she grows so fast…and she has quite a long list of family and friends that want to spoil her, too. Well, when you come for your visit, we’ll get down to some creative time, for sure!

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