Last Christmas Show

Coming in on the home stretch now.  I’m dragging my feet a bit and sleeping in more than I should but this Friday and Saturday is my last show of the season and I’m ready for it…and the mini rest that comes after.  Cobden Christmas Market is one of my favorites! It happens in two buildings, of which I am in the smaller farmer’s market building, and gets very busy. Everything is made — crafts, art, food.  I like to do my Christmas shopping here when I get a chance to leave my table.

I thought I’d show you a little of what I am bringing to this show — the most recent additions to my handmade inventory. Oh, and if you are wondering, little Finnigin(our kitten)is happy and healthy and making trouble like a good kitten should!


At my last show, a fellow artist suggested I try using watercolour pencils with my VieveBug drawings and so I did.  I had been given a set when I was 12 or so and hadn’t liked them much but with this lady’s advice on how to best use them I did enjoy them! Still need more practice with them but I am definitely going to continue playing with this medium. The yellow really punches a lot more than my watercolour paints.

???????????????????????????????  DSC08451  DSC08450

And I’ve begun doing hand drawn earring studs and hair clips. These are so small that I can’t cut them by hand and get them round enough so I searched high and low and finally found a leather punch that could cut the right sizes. Then I hold the little dot of paper with tweezers and draw the image with my ink pen. Let that completely dry and then add colour with my Prismacolor pencils. Then there is industrial strength glue involved and a sealer over the image…it is quite time consuming but also very satisfying. The hair clips and earring studs are done in the same manner but the earring studs are quite a bit smaller. I’ve lain a ruler near to give you a general idea of the size. When I told Lynsker that I had started doing these and that they were even smaller than all the other small things I make, she laughed…a lot!

DSC08454  ???????????????????????????????

DSC08457   ???????????????????????????????

And I am still making magnets.  This also has many steps and really is a steal at $4 a piece but I like to have something small and affordable on my table.


That is all for my ” show and tell” post.  I still have a bit to do to be truly ready for tomorrow so I will leave you with this and if you do live in the area and are interested in checking out the Cobden Christmas Market the hours and location are posted in the “where to find us” portion of this blog(at the top of the page).

Hope you are enjoying the winter season wherever you are!




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  1. Good lord almighty, sister. That is some amazing, detailed, miniscule work! I love it! Post more, post more, post more!!!

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