Help or Hindrance

Back home and into the swing of Autumn and all the shows leading up to the holidays.  The farmer’s market is over for the season which I miss and am also glad is done till next year.  But not really a rest because I have other shows to get ready for and … a new kitten!  I’d just been home a week and had jumped right back into things but was feeling kinda heartbroken leaving my sister and my new little niece ( ahh, run on sentence) when this little bedraggled kitty entered our lives.  My husband called me and said ” Come outside but move very slowly…”.  Of course, I was intrigued and mystified.  I found him outside, still in his car and waving at me to move slow and be quiet.  And then I heard the mewing.  Sad and high and very unhappy sounds were emanating from behind my nasturtium pot. When I managed to get a better look, I saw a tiny, and very dirty, fur ball hiding behind my planter.  Because we live right beside the highway, we were very nervous about scaring her towards the road but we did manage to catch her and bring her inside.  Though this Autumn has been very pleasant, we do get very cold nights and a little thing like this didn’t have very good odds out there on her own.  We did some asking around in case she was lost…no.  We asked if anyone was looking to adopt a kitten…no.  We asked ourselves if we were up to taking her in…no…and yes…and no…and yes.  We washed her(she was amazingly calm) and wrapped her in a towel (she started purring) and the next thing I knew she was sleeping on my husbands chest ( while he gazed down at her with love).  I knew we were in it now.


She likes to nap on my lap while I work…which is much better than when she tries to help me(see below).


Finnigin, has already tried to eat the pen lid right out of my hand but generally is happy with snoozing on a warm lap.


I must admit that she brings a lot of fun to my days and I keep marveling at how wonderful and perfect her timing was entering our lives.  I’ve had a secret wish, since I was little, to have a cat but never made the move.  I suppose she made it for Dan and I. Yeah!

Well, I’ll try and get some work done while my little purrmobile cuddles in my lap.

Hope your day has a something warm and cuddly in it, too!






  1. Bob Perkins

    Lovely little kitten. I have very fond memories of when my little kitten Rufus used to help me with my own painting 🙂

  2. Judy Sauve

    She really is a beautiful kitten. Congratulations! I can see why you’re keeping her – who could say No and mean it?

  3. What a cutie! I love her eyes. Pets can bring so much enjoyment into our lives. Say hi to papa Dan.

  4. Grace Carmen

    Congrats on the addition of Finnigin to the family!
    She’s a real cutie…maybe she gets to meet the rest of the family around Christmas??

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