Dragonfly for Baby

Dragon Fly and Cora 003 Dragon Fly and Cora 005 Dragon Fly and Cora 008

Well…a lot of changes since last Lynsker and I wrote.  There is a new little baby in the family and I was privileged to be here for her birth into the world.  She is perfect.  I don’t generally like or use the word “perfect” but it seems to suit her( I may be slightly bias but I don’t think so).  She has a full head of feathery ginger hair and the softest skin of all time.  We are all madly in love with her and I am already dreading my departure date in 9 days.  I do remember a wonderful husband at home and a lot of work to be done at my business and garden…but I’m definitely in a baby haze.

While Lynsker and I were hanging out and awaiting the arrival of little Pea, we did some knitting and crochette. The result of my hand work was this crazy dragonfly for my little niece(didn’t know at the time whether she would be a he or a she).  The wings are pretty curly and floppy so I was thinking either to wire them and have it as a hanging object, starch the wings or just let them be as they are. Once again this was a made-up pattern and exploration project.  We have plans for a mobile of knitted and crochette creatures but baby takes a lot of time…and we are not complaining!  Must get back to playing with baby.

Hope your day is bright and with space for play!




  1. Grace Carmen

    That’s a very happy dragonfly, perfect companion for little Pea.
    Yes, I think she is perfect too and yes, baby-gazing makes you lose track of time.

  2. Judy Sauve

    Eganville is missing you Genevieve but how nice to spend this special time with your sister. I love the pictures and the description of the “ginger” hair. Perfect for sure. Nice work on the dragonfly.

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