Kids’ Art: A Source of Inspiration for my Own Art Practice

Hello All,

The slacker is back. Vieve is right, I’ve been rather caught up in gestating Little Pea and not so focused on art or blogging. I have one more week of work with the kids at Boys & Girls Club and then I’m officially on leave. I am looking forward to the time but I will miss the kids, and I will miss the challenge and creativity of coming up with daily art projects for them. More importantly, I’ll miss the inspiration they give me with their interpretation/ execution of each project. Here are some pics of printmaking that the kids did. I teach kids from Kindergarten up to grade six, so I couldn’t do mono printing on linoblock since it involves sharp tools for carving into the surface. Instead, we drew with dull pencil into styrofoam. You can do this with clean, smooth meat trays if you don’t want to order the styrofoam art paper from a store (it works just as well):


Incredible no? The subject matter was entirely their own choice. They also drew it entirely on their own and inked their own plates. I like to be the facilitator not a hand holder. I never interfere in order to make the outcome “more pleasing”. Besides, if I did that I would be messing up an amazing thing.

It was so simple to do and so satisfying for all involved. It got me jazzed to do my own printmaking. And I don’t even want to do the more advanced cutting into linoblock; styrofoam is an incredible medium and it recycles meat trays that otherwise go to the dump.

You will need to purchased printers ink and a roller, but that is essentially it! Try it, you’ll love it!




  1. I love these! What imaginative kids you have and good on you for letting them create unimpeded. You’ve got me itching to try my hand at this activity, too!

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