Park Art

I believe that Lynsker is too busy growing a little pea in her belly and all the other things she’s wrapped up in to be posting.  So, I will have the honour and plug another show that I am in this weekend.  Park Art is a “festival of creativity” held, in Eganville, in the park right beside the Bonnechere River.  With the rain we have been having the river is a lovely rushing display and a place to cool the feet if the day turns out to be as hot as its forecasted.   Last year was a lot of fun and extremely hot!  There was live music all through the day and into the evening and local made ice cream and a magician.  The grounds are pretty and hilly, so interesting to walk for  visitors but a little bit challenging for those of us with tents and displays to put up.  But certainly worth the effort.  I didn’t get a chance to see all the booths last year but what I did see was very exciting and wide ranging.  We have a lot of very talented and diverse artists in this area of Ontario. This is also the event where I met, Jordan Smith, who invited me to join his artist co-op which has since moved to my town — Watershed Gallery and Cafe. The event brought me some really great opportunities last year.  Not to mention, I got to meet some really awesome people. And got more inspired!


This is a little ink and watercolour that I had initially made for my Etsy banner( the site page isn’t up and running yet)but wasn’t the right size.  But I think for this Art show by the river it fits to have some boating faeries.

If you are in my neck of the woods and want to check out Park Art this is the information:

Saturday July 20th 10:00am-11pm (the art show part goes till 4pm but there will be live music, dinner and beer garden till late).  Park Art, is held at Centennial Park, Eganville, ON, K0J 1T0. (From the tourist information parking lot you can take the walking bridge over the Bonnechere River and this leads right to the park).

This week I’ve managed quite a lot of explorative painting which feels good and re stocking.  I need to fit in some website building time — which was supposed to be last night but we had some crazy thunderstorms and lost power a number of times.  Perhaps, Sunday, can be website and garden day. I’m kinda dropping the balls in this juggling act…but so far I keep picking them up and getting back at it.  Baby steps but in the direction I want to go.

Have a great one!




  1. Judy Sauve

    I absolutely love that picture and the colours are gorgeous.

  2. I love it when you do illustrative work. These faeries look like characters from a book that has yet to be written!

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