Summer Schedule

Well, I’ve made the ripe youngish age of 34.   A bit of angst but not enough time to really dwell on things.  I did get to working on my website and have been re strategizing my approach to this year and my business.  But I have lined up a few summer shows along with the farmer’s market which I want to do well — and at the same time spend less time working on making fifty thousand little things and focus on getting my tech side up and running.  The other wonderful and difficult thing about summer is having family and friends come to visit while I try to build and run my at-home business.  We had my hubby’s brother and three kids come up for only two days but I find myself quite off track on my work schedule and readiness for the show this weekend.  And tired.  I love having family up and it brings a lot of new energy and fun but I need to figure out how to do this and still get what I need to get done done.  I don’t even have kids! I can only imagine how difficult that juggle would/will be.

My goal for next week will be to get my gallery images prepped and  loaded to my site and spend at least a few hours researching online sales and marketing(I’ll try to stay awake).   For this week…market is tomorrow and my Barry’s Bay show is Saturday.   I’m not too happy with my show readiness but there is little I can do about that now.  I’ve made some new hand drawn wood jewellery ( will upload some examples next time) and am debating how much original artwork to bring.  I’m feeling like a real scatter brain but I know I’ll pull it off.

Here are details for the show on Saturday if you are in the area and curious — last year had quite a few really interesting and unique artisans/artists/vendors.  and click on the “Madawaska Valley Artisan Festival” title.  My mixed medium image is used as their poster art.  I did it on the fly when asked for some images to possibly be used as the poster art… and with the time frame of one day.  Nothing I had in my photos looked right and so I took a shot at a new piece with a poster in mind. I’m not that happy with the piece but sent it in with a few other possibles.


Here she is.  Watercolour, colour pencil and ink pen on paper. I kept the middle space more open with the idea that lettering and information would be inserted.  I wish I had had more time to plan and execute the image but it is what it is.

Have a great summer weekend! And come out to the Madawaska Valley Artisan Festival, if you get the chance.




  1. Regina Tavares

    Again Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes I know I cannot (afford) and should not covert them all. Beautiful Art is meant to be shared with All. Looking forward to seeing all you beautiful work in many many art galleries and homes!

  2. I love the image. Very Vieve!

  3. Cool! I have found another person researching online sales and marketing! Love your watercolour, coloured pencil and ink artwork! I would like to try that combination – it is beautiful! Look forward to hearing more about your process of setting up an at-home art business.

    • Here’s a place for a cuppa and chat about creative ideas -

    • Thank you! There is certainly a learning curve to make an at-home-art business work and I am definitely just at the beginning. I’m reading as much as I can and checking out other online artists like yourself! Looking forward to seeing what you create next!

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