Open Studio

Well the long silence from my end has been for the sole reason that I have been trying to make my studio/workshop/disaster zone/storage unit into a space that people can enter and look around and not trip over a stack of supplies and  knock over a pile of papers and files.  I did manage this miracle ,this week, and put most everything in its proper place and not just hidden under my bed.  I also had to keep at creative projects because I also have two more multi day shows coming up…I didn’t fair at this aspect as well as I had hoped but I did get some things done.  Most importantly, I did get the studio/shop ready and had my Friday and Saturday Open Studio as planned.  I feel it was pretty successful over all.  I had my high school art teacher(my favorite!) and his lovely wife come to visit and a number of other friends and new aquaintences — I really enjoyed all the conversations and am getting better at talking about what I do.  I’m always a little scared to interact at first but ultimately I just really enjoy people and what they think and feel about things.  The human race, from what I have experiences of it these 33 years, is mostly loving, ready to laugh, and very interesting — yes, I realize there is a lot of dark stuff too but the light is always there, somewhere.

Here are some pics of the studio/store.  The woodwork is my Dads and all the other paintings and crafty work is mine.  I recently remembered that when I was little and then not so little that I had always had a fantasy of having a shop with all the things I liked to make in it … well, good manifesting.  This is its first incarnation and I’m sure it will morph in the weeks and months and maybe years to come.

Display and picture hanging was all done very last minute(because I tend to mull over things till I just have enough time to wing it) and there is more of the studio that I couldn’t get a good shot of…oh, to have a fish eye lens!  I paint by the window with the easel and draw at the desk and have the rest of the space for display. And it will almost all come down and with me to my next show in Renfrew at the end of this coming week.  Ah, well.

Thank you to my dear husband for helping me get this all ready.  And thank you to everyone who came to visit and check the place out.  Much appreciated.

Hope your day is great!




  1. Hi Genevieve, it looks great! I knew you would succeed! Bravo

  2. Looks incredible! You pulled it off to great effect!

  3. Wendy

    Way to go, Vieve! Great job! Looks great.

  4. Regina Tavares

    Wish you were still at Bayview Ave., would have been over in a flash and do some serious shopping!

    Looks great as usual!

  5. Bob

    It was a real pleasure visiting with you and Daniel and for you to share with Pat and I your lovely home and creative environment. I know what chaos a small studio can quickly fall into when creating.and how much work goes into an open studio display such as yours. You had your studio wonderfully organized for the display of all your works and I was very impressed with all the diverse mediums you’re now working with. Your work always has such a delightful strength of line and colour and imagery. I look forward to seeing you and Daniel again in the not too distant future and always look forward to seeing your next creation 🙂

  6. Grace Carmen

    Hey Vieve,
    How did I manage to miss this blog entry???? Congratulations on the beginning of your little store…it’s an absolutely beautiful environment full of your beautiful energy! Looking at your creations always gets my shopping blood going!
    Lots of love!!!

    • Thanks! It is so tidy and enjoyable as it is now…sadly, I have to take most of it down tomorrow to do my weekend show. But at least everything has its place now. I wish you could see it in person — you got to trip over the stuff when it was seriously messy.

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