Ode to Lynsker

Lynkser, had surprised me( to happy tears) last Saturday and helped me out with my, Friday, Farmer’s Market and my show in the park this Saturday — but now she is on a plane back to her home in California.  This is really an ode to, Lynsker. If you have a sister(or brother) you may be able to relate. We are very close and protective and prone to fits of laughter –which we indulged in for the 8 days we had together.  I am feeling quite sad at this moment.  She came and in her very easygoing way helped me be open to some great creative opportunities that arose through both the shows and market I was a part of and probably came about in part because she was there with her positive energy.  And she read to me(like our Mom did for us when we were little) a great little book called “The Sister’s Grim”, while I painted my mini canvases.  Which resulted in the perfect talisman for a very lovely woman, at the perfect time. And she encouraged me and she drew(some fantastic octopi) and we laughed…a lot.

My lovely, creative, beautiful and most hilarious sister, is a true gem.  If you already know her, you know that already and if you don’t …what can I say.

Thank you dearest, Lynkser, for being there, always — and you know it is the same from me.  Huge hugs and all my love, Vieve


Lynsker, chose this mini(and insisted on paying me for it…luckily, I managed to stuff a few extra items in her bag)



  1. I brought this painting in to show the kids at the Club yesterday. They were totally amazed. Now they really want you to come to California and teach them how to paint.

  2. sands

    I love you both and love the creativity that flows between you! I’m soooo happy that you are both still as creative as ever, and that I can see some of it online, though it’d be much better in person! xo

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