New Miniature Paintings

This coming Saturday is the art/craft show I am most nervous and excited to be a part of.  Hence, lots of painting has been going on and more net silence from me.  Here are three miniature canvases approximately 1.5″x2.5″ each.  I wish I had Lynsker here to take the pictures for me.  She has a fantastic eye and feel for photography.  I’m quite lousy at documenting my work  and will have to re take these canvases…but you get the gist.  If anyone is in the Barry’s Bay, Ontario area and wants to see lots of creative people  and their work the Madawaska Valley Artisan Festival is being held this Saturday, July 14th from 10am to 5pm at the Old Railway Station(which is in the centre of town and impossible to miss).  I have lots more to paint and prepare before, Saturday, and I am still doing the farmer’s market on Fridays 3-7pm– The Eganville 100 mile Farmer’s Market (held at the Memorial Field right by the curling club at Foran St.).  I’m getting to meet some of the other vendors and locals and everyone has been really welcoming and encouraging.  Can’t ask for more…well, selling something would be good too but that will come .  The creative juices are flowing and I am doing my best to get things happening.

All the best to you!




  1. These are gorgeous! I want one. And you document them just fine, you don’t need me:)

  2. Thank you, but you know I do.

  3. Regina Tavares

    Too bad I cannot be there to see Barry’s Bay exhibit, lots of luck with sales and making contacts. Looking forward to the 21st t Eganville.

    • Thank you, Auntie! I haven’t completed as many paintings as I would like but I have more cards made and prints and minis which are probably the most likely to sell anyways. Thank you for the luck and I’m excited to have you come visit next week!

  4. I have been thinking excitedly all evening about the little painting that has my name on it…I was thrilled to see your work, meet you AND your sister, and now to visit this space you’ve created! I’m the pregnant mom/bellydancer with a gaggle of dirt-and-rock-loving kids!

    • It was a pleasure to meet you and your happy little kids! Now I get to check out your blog, too! Every mini painting is special to me for all the reasons and ways it came into being — but it is always interesting to see which one connects with which person( I can almost never guess). Looking forward to seeing you again.

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